About Us

Amazin Deals is India’s largest & one of a kind Shop for Discounted Large Appliances, LED TV’s, Kitchen, Home & Lifestyle Products & more and is located on NH21 – Chandigarh Kharar Highway, Mohali.

We live by our motto – Big Brands, Best Prices. Our vastly experienced & qualified team regularly offers the best deals on branded products as per our customers requirements. Our deep discounts & economical pricing is usually unmatchable in the offline & online markets. We are able to do this by leveraging on reverse logistics & volume deals, sourcing through online fulfilment centres & direct brand warehouses, unboxed & excess inventory stock, working on nominal margins, & so on, thereby giving you the best value for your money.

At Amazin Deals, we follow multilevel quality check process which involves testing through software and physical tests done by qualified engineers. With dedicated on-site managers and customer support team, we offer hassle free single point of contact for managing customer queries and improved consistent service at high quality.

Amazin Deals Mini and The Gallery are sub-brands. In Amazin Deals Mini, you will find complete range of Kitchen, Home and Sports goods across most renown brands in the world. Whereas The Gallery offers complete range of Furniture – Home, Office, Indoor, Outdoor, Kids, Adults and more from the best furniture brands in the country.

Our Promoters


Karan Singal

With educational background in Finance, Accounts, & Logistics from London School of Economics & New York University, and over 10 years’ experience in modern retail, & distribution across North India mainly, Karan brings unparalleled macro level approach to Amazin Deals.

Email – ksingal.lse@gmail.com


Suryansh Singal

With educational background in Finance & Marketing from IIM Indore, and with vast expertise in Digital marketing & Customer Management, Suryansh brings operational & managerial excellence to Amazin Deals.


Email –suryanshsingal@gmail.com