Coffee Cum Center Table

Coffee Cum Center Table

A Perfect Center Table That Will Grab Everyone’s Attention. It is like the centre of attraction that guests and visitors notice when they enter your home. It is what catches the eye of everyone first; therefore, it should be chosen with the utmost care.

Bunk Bed

Bunk beds have a special place in most of our lives. No matter the age, you cannot deny the fact that bunk beds are one of the cutest bed types that you, as a child, dreamed of having. Well, you do not need to be a child to fulfill that dream anymore.


Cabinets are the best way to store your things away from dust as well as the appraising eyes of your guests. The Gallery brings you a wide range of sturdy yet beautifully designed cabinets, wherein you can store your everyday things in an organized manner.

Dining Chair

Giving your dining room a new look can be easily done with a new set of dining chairs. If you love the individual look, then you can buy chairs separately. Mix and match is always a better option rather than the old-fashion way of buying the set as it is.

Dining Table

A dining table set amplifies the bond over scrumptious meals. It acts as the centerpiece of your dining room, hence it is important that you carefully pick one. A sleek and stylish dining table set provides the comfort of sitting and enjoying meals.

Dining Table Set

The right dining room furniture can give your interiors an instant uplift, ensuring both style and comfort. Our exclusive range of dining furniture includes complete dining sets, separate dining tables.


Drawers are easily one of the most essential pieces of furniture to have in any household or commercial setup. Important documents, collectables, socks, stationery,etc can easily be accommodated in a chest of drawers to ensure that your house stays spotlessly neat and organised always.

Dressing Table

Any living space is simply incomplete without a mirror dressing table, no home can do without one. A dressing table with a mirror plus some storage is a requisite and an absolute essential in every home.

King Bed

If you’re looking for one thats effective with a multipurpose solution, then you must go for a king-size bed.A king-size bed is not only classy but is also ideal if you’re looking for ample storage options along with comfort.

Mirror Cabinet

A Mirror cabinet is quite helpful to have in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. You can store all your essential toiletries in the spacious cabinets and use the mirror on the side to groom yourself.They are compact, lightweight and portable.

Office Bar Kitchen Chair

Ideal for work place, the Office Bar Kitchen Chair combines ultimate comfort with reliable, functional support. Use the durable, stable stool almost anywhere from a home, office, or art studio to a busy office, clinic, or classroom.

Office Study Computer Table

If you find yourself taking back work home, a computer/office table must be on your shopping list. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time working on a computer or a laptop, then it’s high time that you considered buying a good computer table or a study table.

Office Guest Study Chair

These Office Guest Study chairs are designed to give you maximum support and comfort so that you can easily work for long hours in front of your computer.
Whether a cubicle desk chair or a visitor chair in the lobby,The Gallery has you covered with the best office chairs for every section in your office.


Your bedroom decor will look all the more appealing with the perfect Partition. A little old school but with a magnetic charm, Partition have been garnering a lot of attention these days. A screen divider not only enhances the look of your room, but is also responsible for giving it a classic look.

Plastic Cabinet

The Gallery plastic cabinet collection is crafted with premium and durable plastic material and showcase stunning designs.From shoes and accessories to toiletries and office files, we have covered all your storage needs with our plastic cabinets.

Plastic Chair

At The Gallery, we have featured a large assortment of plastic chairs online that will serve all kinds of purposes. From classic premium designs to the touch of vibrant hues, these chairs can elevate your home décor. These chairs are sturdy, comfortable and the prices are highly competitive.

Portable Table

A piece of furniture that can easily adapt to the room’s structure and be fixed to a sofa or wall into a work table, or a portable laptop table. With our homes turning into studies, offices, schools, and colleges, having a portable table is a must.

Queen Table

Tables are one of the most multi-functional furniture pieces you will find, and every home no matter how big or small will have a table.Every room of any home requires a table.Having the right table can not only uplift the room, but its functionality also makes it a versatile piece of furniture.


Remember the days when you feel the need to unwind; recliner sofas help you relax and rejuvenate after long work hours. You can just come home and de-stress by chilling on the recliner sofa set and binge-watching your favorite show.

Shoe Rack

We all need a specific place to keep and organise the pairs of footwear we have. The perfect solution to this untidy condition is buying a nice shoe rack or a shoe cabinet. The gallery offers a fantastic collection of shoe storage racks that will provide sufficient storage space to organise your shoes and can also beautify your home with its charming design patterns.


Side Table

From being a catch-all for coffee cups and rainy day reads, our side tables are an extension of life’s everyday joys. Finding the perfect end tables, that match in terms of size and style can be a tough ask. But with The Gallery your ideal side table design is no longer a dream but a reality.

Sofa Set

A sofa set in your living room is where you spend most of the quality family time after dinner or hang out with a group of friends watching your favourite show. The sofa set design you choose speaks about your personality and is the first thing noticed by your visitors.

Sofa Cum Bed

Sofa cum beds are an ideal way to optimize a less spacious home. You can add a sofa come bed in your living room and conveniently host an uninformed overnight guest. You will no longer be in the awkward thought of sharing your super comfy king-size bed or room.

TV Unit

Wooden TV units & TV stands furniture helps to organize your living room. Bring classy wooden TV units online, made in most appealing designs.Our TV units online range has all that it takes to become the first choice for TV cabinet buyers.

Vanity Mirror

Add that extra glitter to your happy place with these mirror lights! You can amp up your room, living space, or your dressing table with these lights. It can be mounted on the mirror with a vacuum sticker.

Wall Shelf

Wall shelves are a convenient option to store frequently used things. This way, you don’t have to run around the house in search of misplaced things. You can just place them on the shelf and grab it when needed.


A bedroom wardrobe not only gives you the space to organize your clothes and accessories but also add a touch of glam to your bedroom. If you are a fashionista who can’t help but admire themselves in the mirror every time you get ready, then a modular wardrobe is just made for you.

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